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The implementation of the entire project will allow creating a new district with a population of more than 45.000 people.

Business center
Business center
Complex of apartment buildings 1-st phase
Complex of apartment buildings 1-st phase
Complex of apartment buildings 2-nd phase
Complex of apartment buildings 2-nd phase
Trade Center
Sport complex
Modern multi-functional diagnostic center

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Stages of construction

December 2025

1st phase: construction of 66 multi-apartment residential buildings with its complete infrastructure on the 43ha area

expansion of the residential area, construction of the second residential area

sports complex and building a hospital

construction of a business center


Incomparably attractive location:

  • A new neighborhood in the immediate vicinity of the North-South highway
  • Expressway along the southern border to Etchmiadzin (Armavir), which may become an expressway to the airport in anticipation of the state urban development plans.
  • Access to the city center within 10-15 minutes
  • Traffic without traffic jams: 10ha wide paved roads
  • 1000m absolute height 
  • Mild and cool climate
  • Visibility of the 4 main peaks of the Armenian highlands (Ara, Geghama, Ararat, Aragats)


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Modern educational complex Modern educational complex
  • 3 schools, one of which is a branch of the European school
  • 5 and more kindergarten
Comfortable everyday life of residents Comfortable everyday life of residents
  • Supermarkets
  • Cinemas
  • Cafes, restaurants and other places of entertainment
  • Banquet hall
For car drivers For car drivers
  • Charging station for electric cars
  • 10ha of surface parking lots for the convenience of residents and visitors
A large sports complex A large sports complex
  • Outdoor and indoor courts
  • Swimming pools
  • Running and cycling tracks
Modern healthcare complex Modern healthcare complex
  • Modern healthcare diagnostic center (branche of well-known European medical institution)
  • Oncology Center
  • 500 000m2 area
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Advantages of building group

12,000 m²

courtyard areas


  • Playgrounds
  • Fountains
  • Clear demarcation of yard and driveway sections
  • Control of all entrances to the complex
  • Security guards
  • Cleaning and trash removal of public places


Advantages of buildings

  • Centralized heating system with reduced utility costs 
  • Allocation of installation points for individual split systems for cooling in balconies
  • Lining of buildings with ventilated and soundproof tiles /made of Japanese high quality composite material/
  • High quality elevators
  • Energy-saving, high-quality aluminum windows
  • Charging station for electric cars