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The first residential district consists of 66 residential, premium-class buildings.
The first residential district consists of 66 residential, premium-class buildings.

Buildings with 15 and 16 floors have 2 underground parking levels, and 23-floor buildings have 3 underground parking levels.

  • The construction of buildings is carried out by modern engineering technologies with 10-point earthquake resistance. The district is located on a 200 m deep basalt layer, and the buildings are constructed on 1.4 meter reinforced concrete foundation slabs.
  • The cladding is made of high-quality fiber cement tiles developed using Japanese technology. It is both ventilated and self-washable. A special heat-insulating layer is utilized in the cladding which results in energy savings for the buildings.
  • The newly constructed buildings will have premium-class entrances with granite cladding, and high-quality elevators manufactured by leading companies in the field.
  • The residential complex will be equipped with new and high-quality communication systems: Aparan's clean water, superpower electric substation, gas, and separate sewage system.

Each apartment will receive natural lighting and sunlight, thanks to the precise arrangement of the buildings.

  • The apartment projects come in different sizes, ranging from 50.77-192 m², with 2-5 room options. This allows you to choose the best option that suits your preferences, requirements, and needs.
  • Aluminum-framed, soundproof, and heat-insulated panoramic windows will be installed in the newly built apartments, providing both beauty and ample lighting.
  • The apartments will be equipped with high-quality entrance doors that come with metal bases.

new buildings
Some of the benefits of the new buildings are:

  • 15-16-story buildings will have centralized heating systems with individual meters and individual cooling systems.
  • Special areas will be designated for installing split systems.
  • 23-story buildings will have centralized heating and cooling systems.
  • There will be underground and surface parking lots for residents and visitors.
  • Electric car charging stations will also be available.

residential complexes
Among the features of the residential complexes of the first district are:

  • Extensive green areas with parks, playgrounds, fountains, and recreation areas in the areas adjacent to the buildings and courtyards
  • Asphalted roads (at least 15 meters wide)
  • 5-6 m wide sidewalks with their alleys, lampshades and benches
  • Clear demarcation of the yard and driveway sections (access to the courtyard area for cars will be prohibited, except for special purpose vehicles)
  • Control of all entrances to the complex
  • Cleanliness and trash removal service in public places