Horizon 95

"Horizon 95" company, as a private enterprise, was founded in 1992 and is the successor of the famous "Yerardshin" construction trust during the Soviet years, which in its time implemented a wide range of significant structures; scientific, manufacturing, military plants, factories, residential districts, important structures of the health, educational, cultural spheres.

"Horizon 95" company for the first time in Armenia carried out concrete works with rope post-tensioning technology, as well as development of architectural concrete compositions and technologies, processing of lightweight concrete with mixed aggregates.

The company, being equipped with highly qualified personnel who ensure production organization and administrative management process, occupies a worthy place in Armenia as one of the leading construction organizations.
The company has three powerful production bases: 50 thousand. sq.m., 20 thousand square meters and 17 thousand square meters, scientific-educational, production-technical and experimental laboratory and two offices according to modern standards. It is equipped with European and Russian first-class machine-mechanisms, equipment, construction property and tool stations.